Global Health

As a global community, we have a shared obligation to prioritize and protect the health of all individuals, irrespective of their nationality or geographical location. Access to global health is a basic human right that transcends borders and should be available to everyone.

Canadian Youth Delegate to the 76th World Health Assembly and 60th Pan American Health Organization Directing Council 

As the representative for Canadian youth, my mandate is to bring their concerns and insights into Canada’s national recommendations on current global health priorities. To accomplish this, our team is convening weekly roundtable sessions with young Canadian adults throughout the country to gather their views and insights on various global health policies. These roundtable sessions are accessible to all young Canadian adults, regardless of their educational backgrounds, ethnicity, or other factors. Moreover, no prior training is necessary to participate in these sessions.

Research Collaboration with Communities in Nairobi, Kenya

For over 40 years, the University of Manitoba has been in collaboration with the sex-working community and the University of Nairobi in Kenya to advance scientific knowledge on HIV treatment, prevention, and risk. As part of this research collaboration, I will be working with local community members and researchers to explore the interplay between HIV risk and immunological mechanisms. 

Western Heads East

A collaboration between African community leaders and scholars and the University of Western Ontario aimed to promote sustainable social enterprises and well-being in local communities using probiotic and fermented foods. As a student intern, I worked with community leaders and scholars from Mwanza, Tanzania, to develop community engagement strategies and establish new partnerships. After my internship, I continued to remain involved in the organization by offering mentorship to other interns as well as leading a multi-site research study in Kenya and Tanzania.


A collaboration with health researchers, community leaders, and students from Kenya and Canada to provide over 18,000 community members in Kenya with current health information on COVID-19 through SMS and WhatsApp. This project was supported by Sigma-Xi's funding.