Translation & Dissemination

Translation and dissemination are essential pillars of research, allowing for scientific findings to move from laboratory benchsides to real-life applications and solutions in the community.

3MT Minute Competition 

    An annual competition for students to explain their research within three minutes using only a single static image.

   Sources: News Manitoba 

COVID-19: A Flashback of Unanswered Questions - Invited Speaker -Toby Le

COVID-19: A Flashback of Unanswered Questions 

An interactive talk with high school students exploring common misconceptions and knowledge gaps about the COVID-19 pandemic. Organized by Let’s Talk Science. 

Updates on COVID-19 Variants of Concern - Toby Le

Understanding COVID-19 Antigen Tests 

Author: Toby Le 

A brief description of how antigens can be used in the diagnosis and surveillance of infectious diseases 

Updates on COVID-19 Variants of Concern - Toby Le

Updates on COVID-19 Variants of Concern

Author: Toby Le

A continuously updated report presenting the most current variants of concern for SARS-COV-2 

Understanding RT-PCR Tests and Results - Toby Le

Understanding RT-PCR Tests and Results 

Authors: Toby Le, Aleksandra Wierzbowski 

A brief description of the Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test. It provides basic information on how this molecular biology test is used in laboratories to detect the genetic materials of a pathogen such as the SARS-CO-2 virus, the cause of COVID-19 disease 

The Effects of Climate Change on Vector-Borne Diseases in Canada - Toby Le

The Effects of Climate Change on Vector-Borne Diseases in Canada 

Authors: Toby Le, Cathy Le, Dr. Jason Kindrachuk, Susie Taylor, Margaret Haworth-Brockman 

An interactive overview of how climate change can affect the spread and transmission of vector-borne diseases in Canada 

Therapeutics for mpox - Toby Le

Therapeutics for mpox

Author: Toby Le

Report on available treatments and vaccine strategies against Monkeypox in Canada 

Manitoba COVID-19 Weekly Report - Assistant Editor 

Synthesized clinical and research evidence into timely reports for distribution to over 9,000 health professionals from across Canada, the US, South America, the Caribbean/West Indies, and Europe 

Sex Without Stigma - Toby Le

Sex Without Stigma - Co-Founder 

An initiative, funded by Sigma Xi, that focuses on normalizing discussions and asking questions about sex and reproductive health