Building Capacity

To build a better and brighter future, it is necessary to invest in efforts that promote equitable access to innovative training and skills development. Only by achieving this, can we create a more inclusive and equitable society that enables everyone to reach their full potential.

Undergraduate Training Program (Founder) 

    Founded a mentorship & training program to help undergrad students explore the field of health sciences.

Undergraduate Pitch Competition (Founder) 

A competition to help undergraduate students foster their individual creativity in research. More than just a competition, this was an opportunity for students to explore the innovative aspects of research, which is mainly a reiterative process of acquiring and integrating knowledge into new perspectives. 

Health Studies, HEAL 4640  - Teaching Assistant 

   An undergraduate program, for Health Science students, that combines the study of disease mechanisms with modern experimental work, including cell culture, molecular and systems biology, proteomics, microscopy, and other related techniques. 


Organizing Committee (Member)

Canada’s first national science communication conference for graduate students. A training opportunity to help equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge to share their research with broad and diverse audiences. 

Discovery Day

A Day in the Life of a Microbiologist (Speaker)

    An event offered by the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame to offer secondary school students the opportunity to explore career options in health science and medicine through hands-on activities and lectures. 

Radio Interview 

Time with Tracy

A radio discussion with undergraduate students emphasized the vital role of mental health services in universities, as well as the need to normalize self-care as a practice in academia.


Online Pre-departure Modules for Ethical Global Engagement


Contributed to university-wide training on ethical engagement with communities 

Toby talks: Side effects may occur 

We Know Some Stuff |  Radio 93.3 FM CFRU 

Radio interview on basic introduction to the immune system and mechanisms of HIV risk.